Cloud Services

IKNAS team have designed our cloud services for customers and delivered on the settings that meets their needs. Whether you are peeking to fix issues, develop a strategy, utilize governed services or further modernize and secure your applications. we provide the best end to end services which helps you.

What We Do?

The full assistance we are enlisting is precisely modeled to fulfill your business necessities and endeavors.

Fully Responsive

Rescaling to preserve the user experience and feel across all devices

Clean Code

Very easy to understand and easy to change.

Best for SEO

Feel the easiness of unpaid website traffic in high quality

Attractive design

User friendly and eye soothing design

Well Documented

Time managing up to date records.

Easy to Customize

Redo will never feed up to you.

How We Do It?

We make your spending stress exempt for you to retain excellent constraints.


Requirement Collection

Collecting ideas as per the client’s necessities.



Alignment of data with order and developing with brilliant concepts



Informative presentation with team and experts.



The final product bought into action.

Technologies we use

We make your spending stress exempt for you to retain excellent constraints.

Virtualization is innovation that lets you make valuable IT administrations utilizing assets that are customarily bound to equipment. It permits you to utilize a physical machine's full capacity by dispersing its capabilities among numerous clients or situations.

Service-Oriented Design (SOA) could be a arrange within the evolution of application advancement and/or integration. It characterizes a way to form computer program components reusable utilizing the interfacing. .

Network computing could be a bunch of organized computers which work together as a virtual supercomputer to perform expansive assignments, such as dissecting colossal sets of information or climate modeling.

Utility computing or The Computer Utility could be a benefit provisioning show in which a benefit supplier makes computing assets and framework administration accessible to the client as required

A Strong Back-Bone

We make your spending stress exempt for you to retain excellent constraints.

An application program may be a computer program planned to carry out a particular assignment other than one relating to the operation of the computer itself

A benefit may be a exchange in which no physical merchandise are exchanged from the vender to the buyer. The benefits of such a benefit are held to be illustrated by the buyer's eagerness to form the trade.

The Runtime Configurator permits you to powerfully arrange and uncover factors through Google Cloud Stage. In expansion, you'll too set Watchers and Servers that will observe for changes to your information and return based on certain conditions

Capacity could be a prepare through which advanced information is spared inside a information capacity device by means of computing innovation. Capacity could be a component that empowers a computer to hold information, either incidentally or for all time

Framework is the set of principal offices and frameworks that back the economical usefulness of families and firms. Serving a nation, city, or other range, counting the administrations and offices fundamental for its economy to operate.