Facebook's short video feature reels will be available in more than 150 countries

Facebook's short video feature reels will be available in more than 150 countries, according to its owner Meta platforms, in an effort to expand its fastest-growing content format.

Facebook Reels, which were already available to some users, are now available in 150 more locations, with a new Reels display at the top of user feeds.As a result of Meta's TikTok clone functionality, a lot more people will be watching a lot more videos, and Facebook will be introducing additional creative tools and features to further drive adoption.

The company also unveiled new opportunities for creators to make money through the Reels feature, which it claims now comprises half of the time people spend on Facebook.It announced that it was expanding its program to offer bonuses to creators in new countries and that it was experimenting with overlay advertisements with banners and stickers to help creators earn ad money. 

It would soon start showing full-screen adverts in between Reels.That second point is crucial because, like YouTube, Facebook wants to use its short-form option as a complement to longer content, giving creators the opportunity to establish a community and optimize their income possibilities.Meta also announced that users will be able to create and view Facebook Reels in new places, including the Stories feature, the Watch tab, and the top of the news feed. Users in some countries will also find Reels suggested to them in their feed.